Ranting Goddess
1 min readMay 2, 2023



A personal poem

Authors own Richard

You are my life
You are my friend
You are a smile away
You are kind
You are loyal
You’re forever in my mind

You are honest
You are cheerful
You are ambitious
You are calm
You have that amazing modest charm
You are happy
You are true
You are honest through and through
I like being around you

I like you for just being you

By A. E. Lee

For my husband that’s put up with me for thirty two years.

We been through a lot together but we have made the most of every situation good and bad.

You had to sit me down and on many occasions when I was trying to take on the world and grounded me with your sensible advice.

Although it felt like a blow at times you were right. We tried, we didn’t quite conquer but it’s not over yet!



Ranting Goddess

Definitely like a rant and chant but not a goddess just in my dreams. Take me as I am. No airs or graces with me. Yorkshire Poet, Acting coach, Director.