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Words are Warriors!

What makes a person a warrior?

Firstly I googled, what is a warrior? And this is what it came up with.
Warriors are associated with two kinds of courage: (1) the ability to fight to protect themselves and (2) setting goals and developing the strength and skills to accomplish them.

The second quote draws parallels with me.
I have to set goals definitely.
I try to give myself a time frame, especially for my scripts, because rehearsals and production dates are penciled.
Verse and prose are a little different at the moment because there is no pressure and I am just enjoying this part of writing.
Strengthening the development of characters, plot and language is key to most genres of writing.

Finally skill.
Well, I understand it takes skill to write whether you are talented or you have to work hard.
I am not sure if people are born naturally to write like Shakespeare, Dickens, Brontes or Austen, etc. Some writers are and I guess are very lucky, but I assume most of us enjoy and work hard at it.
Myself, the imagination comes easy but need to work hard at the rest.

Speaking about words themselves.

Part of this process is being brave to write them, so you, to have to be your own warrior.
Finding your voice and getting there on that journey, you are going to have a few battles, and will not be about winning all the way. (Like most challenges in life)

But when you do eventually win and, like warriors, you need to stick with it (which is the hardest climb). It will be amazing and worth every struggle.

I suppose, though, and it’s important how you interpret a win. An example of this is I have been on Medium for a week and to be clapped for some of my work is a win for me. This is so exciting and encouraging. I just feel appreciated!
I really can’t thank you enough.
Early days, but the experience is positive and I am so grateful I found this platform. (I saw it on a twitter feed.)
She described herself as a medium writer, which intrigued me, so I had to find out more.
Anyway, going back to words are warriors.
They are your warriors. They will be loyal, courageous and will fight all your battles!
Just to finish, there is even a warrior pose in yoga that makes them feel centred and strong.
The legs are held apart and the arms are outstretched.
I’ll leave you with that one!
Thank you for reading..



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