The Forgotten Bridge

By A.E. Lee

Bridge in Yorkshire (c) 2023 All Rivers Great and Small

The Forgotten Bridge.
By A. E. Lee

A lonely structure stands alone.
Weathered bricks built of stone
Beneath a whirling, swirling river
An arch standing on its own

They built this bridge of stone graced the
the presence of ancestors unknown farmer, tailor, butcher
whispered ghosts now passers by
vanishing into tombstones nearby

An eighteen century production
Then a human construction
A future direction to last
Still a beauty in that
forgotten bridge of the past.

Note from the author.
All poetry written in my maiden name.



Ranting Goddess

Definitely like a rant and chant but not a goddess just in my dreams. Take me as I am. No airs or graces with me. Yorkshire Poet, Acting coach, Director.