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3 min readJan 12, 2023

On, many occasions over the years when my actors audition for parts the script are not available. They are top secret and can’t be given to the actor. This is usually because of copyright or maybe a top named actor or two are attached to the film. However, we do usually get a breakdown. They will get a script handed to them at the door. As you can imagine that can be overwhelming and in these cases more challenging!

So this is when I have to put my thinking “hat” on. I am lucky that I enjoy writing scripts. I try to imagine and recreate a scene similar, they may give to the actor. It usually eases the nerves and uncertainty.

So on this occasion I had a young lady that had to audition, a part for a boxer’s girlfriend. We had got some back story and breakdown of her character. So this is what I came up with and I am delighted to let you know she got the part.

After a boxing match.

Int. Changing room.

(Larry comes in with a towel round his shoulders, wiping the sweat off his face. He is wearing his boxer shorts.)

Larry That was tough, I’m knackered, but for an old man I didn’t do too bad.

Clara No Larry you were brill!

Larry Give me back a going over will you luv?

Clara Come on then get yourself layed down over there!

(Larry lies down on a couch and Clara gets some cream and rubs it between her palms and then begins to massage his back)

Larry Oh that feels good!

Clara Do you know Larry you’ve got a gorgeous back? It’s all smooth and muscular.

Larry Thanks honey bun!

Scene 3

Larry The wife’s getting suspicious. We’re gonna have to cool it a little Clara.

Clara Oh Larry but I love you, I can’t cool it Larry, I need you!

Larry I know honey bun but it’ll only be for a little time.

Clara How long Larry?

Larry A few weeks.

Clara A few weeks! That’s gonna be a lifetime. I can’t live without you. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, Larry.

( She cries)

Larry Oh honey bun! Don’t be upset.

(Puts his arm around her)

I’ll promise it will only be for a bit. Come on, I’ll but you that gold watch you’ve been wanting.

Clara (Blows her nose and comes round)

Oh, Larry, are you sure it’s really expensive?

Larry Yes luv I’m sure!

Clara You know I’d rather have you.

Larry And me to! Come on let’s go and get that watch.

Clara ( She smiles, gets a mirror out and wipes the mascara that’s run down her cheeks and puts some lipstick on. Clara gets up and on the way out, Larry pats her bottom. She giggles, rushing out in her sexy manner.



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