Love, Lie and Die

Designed in Canva

It’s rare and magical that feeling.
You know what I am saying?
You experience in many different ways
And when it finally comes,
It’s seeing what you are believing

You know what I am saying?

It takes you on a journey of discovery.
A mind-blowing crazy path.
No matter how it arrives,
It may appear in a car,
Or in a room
In many disguises,
Or just a step in your direction
Quite bazaar,
So many surprises!

You know what I am saying?

And suddenly the earth becomes one.
You can't believe your lucky stars,
Because it's here to stay, you are certain of it.
Well, you are certain of it!

Yes, you are!

It's here to stay?
Is it?

They lied

Then in one fell swoop it's gone.
Leaving you to slowly die inside.

By A.E Lee



Ranting Goddess

Definitely like a rant and chant but not a goddess just in my dreams. Take me as I am. No airs or graces with me. Yorkshire Poet, Acting coach, Director.