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Filmmaking solo plus one
Part 1

Yes, even the title suggests it could be an overwhelming task. The frustrating thing is that we have been doing this for 28 years and we make it look easy and if anyone knows anything about this industry, they know it's far from easy. Why? You probably say, why do it? Well, the answer is yes; I am mad! (Not quoting my other half who is the DOP, soundman, editor and colourist.) Well, I am completely driven by passion. When I saw Dr Zhvigago directed by the iconic director David Lean, I thought foolishly I can do that. The film spoke to me in a way that said go out and shoot your films. It inspired me to do this. In 1994, I shot my first film "Victim" which was about school bullying. It won an award at the Scarborough Film Festival. From there, it somehow miraculously got a slot on Channel 4.This was not only a shock, but from that one experience to this day, I am still filmmaking. Yes, being a film maker maybe not Hollywood style but in our own unique way. Anyway, before I tell you our format of getting the film down on script to screen just to fill you in that we, have made approximately 33 films, series, drama’s and one documentary in the last 28 years. That is some achievement and to do this, you have to be extremely committed or completely mad! Just to add to that if you think you are going to make money on your movies, forget it. You will be very lucky to get back what you put into them and in our experience, that was so rare it never happened! You have to do this with passion in your belly only!

However, one was commissioned Past Memoires which was given the total sum of approximately £75.00 in 1995.
They ran it on Meridian TV.
It is a very expensive hobby. We have begged, borrowed and bought, as the saying goes.

So you are probably still asking why we continue to do this?
Well, after nearly twenty-eight years and this is not a sob story, not at all as we have had an absolutely blast with making these films and hopefully made many people happy along the way.
But it is time to re-think.
Richard, my husband, didn't quite have the passion I had in drama and films. He now films what interests him and rightly so.
We have put in everything into this but unfortunately it didn't give us the financial stability and honestly we don't have the funds to get the help we need as two people and the age we are now can't sustain what we could do once do on our own.
However, we do film a little series to help actors with show reels called Platform2c. You never know one day it maybe become an overnight success!
I wouldn't change a lifetime of making movies. I have learned so much and met so many people. Along the way, I have had some successes and amazing experiences.
But if I was given that budget for that special feature film tomorrow, I wouldn't say no!
Part 2 is coming soon.



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