A New Day

By A. E. Lee

The mists from the river are swirling, seeping,

and weeping over land,

bathing in the morning sunlight.

Oh, that freshness of a new day.

The dew on the grass,

humidity of mingling smell of water, sun and grass.

A faint aroma of burning wood.

Oh, the joy of awakening the birth of another day.

The shrill sound of a dawn chorus is a beauty that reaches within you.

So uplifting a morning can be.

All the people in the world can share in this special time of day.

So take comfort in a bond so beautiful that we can rejoice and sing with a coming of a new day……



Ranting Goddess

Definitely like a rant and chant but not a goddess just in my dreams. Take me as I am. No airs or graces with me. Yorkshire Poet, Acting coach, Director.